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SITIE Greenplant s.r.l. was born from an idea of two Italian Companies operating in the design, innovation and installation of traditional and renewable energy power plants: SITIE Impianti Industriali S.p.A and Greenplant S.p.A.
SITIE is active since 1945 all over the World as electrical and instrumentation installer and cable tray manufacturer, Greenplant is an EPC in the renewable energy sector, specialized in photovoltaic industrial power plants.
SGP can count on highly specialized technical staff in the design of PV systems of industrial size. Such staff has many years of experience in new technologies in the renewable energy sector.
SGP has the specific target to design, build and manage renewable energy power plants, improving the plant efficiency, in order to optimize and reduce energy production costs up to, and possibly lower then, the current level of conventional sources.

SITIE Greenplant intends to act as a single point of contact for the construction of plants using renewable sources in an optimized way and according to the special needs of the customer, by running:

  • feasibility studies
  • preliminary and executive design
  • bureaucratic formalities
  • Project Management
  • Site Management (execution of works, procurement and resource management, safety coordination and site inspections)
  • After-sale services (testing, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, remote management and remote control)
  • Energy Service Company (also called as ESCO) with actions designed to improve energy efficiency.

With a professional workforce that is flexible, experienced, capable and committed to delivering projects safely and to the Highest Quality Standards, we provide leading edge technical solutions in order to continue achieving our excellent track record of exceeding client's requirements on projects. Sitie Greenplant constantly provides its Partners and Customers with effective design solutions in the most secure and economically advantageous way. We guarantee you maximum commitment, professionalism and responsibility in everything we deal with.


SGP Reference Sectors:
  • Energy efficiency solutions for power plants;
  • Energy efficiency and heat management solutions;
  • O&M Service for energy efficiency projects;
  • Financing solutions for energy efficiency projects;
  • EPC photovoltaic systems;
  • O&M Service for Photovoltaic Plants

ESCo – Energy Service Company

The acronym ESCo (Energy Service Company) indicates the companies providing services to improve the energy efficiency of their customers' facilities or buildings, accepting a margin of financial risk. The payment of services provided by an ESCo, in fact, is based on optimizing energy consumption and achieving predetermined performance targets. In this way, ESCo contributes to reducing waste, developing renewable energies and limiting emissions to the atmosphere.
Set today at national level as an ESCo, Sitie Greenplant is able to present to public and private subjects energy-saving programs based on energy diagnosis, design and implementation of the interventions to be implemented. Sitie Greenplant also deals with the technological upgrading of the plants, taking on the management duties, technical risks and providing the guarantee of an economic result.

The activities that an ESCo must offer:
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Verification of compliance of plants and equipment with legislation and regulations
  • Elaboration of feasibility studies with economic technical analysis
  • Planning of the interventions to execute with technical specification
  • Execution of the installation, commissioning and testing interventions
  • Management of the plants, ensuring the improvement of energy and economic efficiency
  • Ordinary maintenance of the plants
  • Monitoring and verification of consumptions
  • Submission of appropriate periodic reports to the customer
  • Technical support and advice for purchasing financing from the customer
  • Incentive management, public announcements and funding
  • Training and information activities with the client
  • Energy certification of buildings

Energy efficiency and heat management solutions

Sitie Greenplant is strongly committed and structured to reach a reference role also in the field of thermal efficiency. The field of intervention covered in this field ranges from the large condominium to the production site and related manufacturing or transformation processes, sports centers and swimming centers.
Wherever there are margins for thermal efficiency, i.e. improvement in the use of thermal energy (and/or cooling and/or electrothermic energy), Sitie Greenplant is able to identify, quantify them and define their cost of recovery, determining, besides the cost/benefit analyses, the economic balance point to be submitted in advance to the end customer's estimations. The strength of Sitie Greenplant in this area is the ability to give to the final customer energy efficiency contracts that are absolutely clear, advantageous and in line with the actual potential that the system can express.
The awareness of the results of the evaluations that Sitie Greenplant brings to their customers' attention is such as to promote the implementation of energy efficiency processes developed by their own staff, with their own finance, i.e. in Project Finance.

The key points that allow Sitie Greenplant to be able to guarantee what mentioned above are the result of careful evaluation and elaboration of the following phases:
  • Learning from the customer of the criticalities and peculiarities related to their site or their production process, or the markets that from the energy point the customer aims;
  • Site inspection and learning the actual state of the places, plants and production process;
  • Accurate monitoring with appropriate instrumentation of operating data and use of plants and/or equipment being evaluated;
  • Analysis and study of corrective actions;
  • Economic and temporal evaluation of the various corrective actions possible, by identifying the most efficient, or the most in line with the expectations of the customer;
  • Contract
  • Practical writing for obtaining permits to the various third part bodies;
  • Start of Works : Management, Coordination and Execution of Works
  • End of Works, testing, commissioning and delivery of plants.

In order to maintain energy efficiency in high performance, Sitie Greenplant offers its customers an accurate O&M service on the executed plants.
With a Operating & Maintenance contract, the customer has no worries and distractions from his business object. Sitie Greenplant will provide him with a constant supervision and monitoring of the operation of the plant, verifying its day-to-day operation and intervening whenever necessary or according to the planned maintenance plan.

Public lighting and mobility and safety systems

Sitie Greenplant offers global service in public lighting and systems for safe mobility in the territory. This means treating every aspect of the managed plants, from providing electricity to assistance, and ensuring constant technical support to the Administrations.
In fact, the service consists of a part dedicated to the design, maintenance and construction of the plant and an administrative part, which guarantees the efficiency of the service and takes care of all the requests made by the municipalities. Sitie Greenplant also provides a fast on-call, technical and administrative service, active 24 hours a day for 365 days per year.

Sitie Greenplant applies tele-management and telecontrol systems, capable of managing every aspect of the plant:
  • Turning on and off;
  • Reading of measurements (voltage, current, power factor, operating hours, lamp status, etc.);
  • Fault detection;
  • Detailed analysis of the operation;
  • Adjusting of the luminous flux (thus reducing the power absorbed);
  • Communication via conveyed waves or wireless;
  • Light signage management;
  • Integration with the technological devices present in the territory (such as video surveillance, ZTL, etc.).

A turnkey service

Sitie Greenplant plans, develops, and manages all processes, including the outsourcing ones, needed to deliver the service, in accordance with the requirements of the integrated enterprise quality management system. The implementation of the service is the result of a sequence of highly integrated processes, ranging from the commercial and contractual stages, characterized by the contact with the customer, to the design and development of new plants and their energy upgrading. Sitie Greenplant defines appropriate procedures and instructions for establishing activities and responsibilities for the assessment and management of the environment aspects, identifying any possible environmental impacts of the intervention.

Video surveillance networks

Security, real and perceived, is for citizens a determining factor in measuring the quality of their lives and the validity of public administration. By installing cameras on streetlights, reliable, flexible and scalable video surveillance systems are developed, capable of increasing urban security in sensitive areas and monitoring city traffic.

Public Wi-Fi networks

By installing access points on public lighting poles, all citizens will be offered a public Internet access service, potentially widespread throughout the country.

Safety, control and road communication

In the security area, traffic control systems, tutors, speed cameras, red pass control and variable message panels are built and operated. The services offered to the local authorities also include designing and managing fiber-optic and with conveyed waves transmission plants. Testing, certification and annual calibration, technical assistance and vocational training are included.

Photovoltaic Plants

  • Solutions for sports centers, Ho.Re.Ca, industrial, tertiary sectors
  • Design, supply, installation and post-sales service
  • Rental jobs in Italy
  • Performance Warranty
  • O&M Service in global service
  • Remote monitoring system

O&M&I Operation and Maintenance and Improvement

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

After the race to build the photovoltaic plants and once obtained the long-awaited connection to the network, the owners of the plants thought they no longer have to do anything than waiting for the production of energy reported in the business plan.
The owners of photovoltaic systems are starting to pay more and more attention to the production of electric power and give more prominence to the services of Operation and Maintenance (below O & M) reconsidering the importance of these activities in order to obtain the best performance of their investment.

The maintenance of a PV plant is important for:
  • ensure the functionality of the plant over time
  • maintain constant productivity throughout the incentive period;
  • improve the performance of the system where there are shortcomings and design / manufacturing defects;

It often happens that after the photovoltaic plant installation, maintenance work are not performed, not realizing that the photovoltaic plant productivity decreases over time.

Services and Activities aimed at the “Improvement” of the plant production

The Improvement activities plans to evaluate and propose interventions that will improve manufacturability of the Plant. That is a series of actions that will be analyzed and shared with the Plant Property, during the life of the plant, based on an evaluation between the action cost and economic return that they will benefit.

In this regard the historical production of electricity for each year of the Plant operation will be communicated by the Plant Property. Making reference to the year preceding the year of the beginning of the Improvement contract the Improvement may be defined, with a tolerance of +/- 2%, that should be reduced by:
  • 1% due to the decay of the panel;
  • by a percentage equal to the proportion of the number of daylight hours of no grid connection or for any reason not functioning due to "force majeure", considering the total number of daylight hours in the previous year;

By way of example only some actions will be proposed as defined below.

Services and Activities aimed at the “Improvement” of the plant production

  • Check of the shadings on the Plant not properly estimated at the design stage (i.e. Antenna-reflector, power line, a fireplace or other non apparently sensitive situations that can cause significant production losses following small interventions on the shadows);
  • Analysis of the Yields and Efficiencies of the Inverters not only with regard to the theoretical or project MPPT but also in the actual operation, checking if the calculated yields are confirmed;
  • Check the tightness of fastening systems both on land and on the roof;
  • Check of the electrical noises produced by the plant, such as harmonic waves that are poured on the establishment, directly on machines and production equipment;
  • Check of the security systems and alarms, analyzing of they apt to the risks


Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Comune di Apricena (FG)
Project Public lighting system
Client Municipality of Apricena (FG)
End user Municipality of Apricena (FG)
Site Apricena (FG), Italy
Manpower Peak 16
Amount > 6.500.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Alfagomma S.p.A.
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Alfagomma S.p.A.
End user Alfagomma S.p.A.
Site Ferrara, Italy
Manpower Peak 40
Amount > 800.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Bicomet S.p.A.
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Bicomet S.p.A.
End user Bicomet S.p.A.
Site San Zeno Naviglio (BS), Italy
Manpower Peak 40
Amount > 300.000 €
Gestione del Calore - Centro Sportivo Cassano D'Adda (MI)
Project Heat Management - Sport Centre Cassano D'Adda (MI)
Client Municipality of Cassano D'Adda (MI)
End user Municipality of Cassano D'Adda (MI)
Site Cassano d'Adda (MI), Italy
Manpower Peak 8
Amount > 2.500.000 €
Gestione del Calore - Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
Project Heat Management - Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
Client Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
End user Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
Site Ferrara, Italy
Manpower Peak 4
Amount > 850.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Comer Industries S.p.A.
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Comer Industries S.p.A.
End user Comer Industries S.p.A.
Site Reggiolo (RE), Italy
Manpower Peak 6
Amount > 450.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - E-ON Fiume Santo
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client E-ON Fiume Santo
End user E-ON Fiume Santo
Site Fiume Santo (SS), Italy
Manpower Peak 20
Amount > 700.000 €
Padiglione Russia EXPO 2015
Project EXPO 2015 Russia Pavilion
Client RVS Holding
End user RVS Holding
Site EXPO Milan Russia Pavilion, Italy
Manpower Peak 75
Amount > 1.450.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Italfrutta Soc. Coop. A.r.l
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Italfrutta Soc. Coop. A.r.l
End user Italfrutta Soc. Coop. A.r.l
Site Fiesso Umbertiano (RO), Italy
Manpower Peak 30
Amount > 1.500.000 €
Sistema di Illuminazione Privato - Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
Project Private Lighting System
Client Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
End user Sitie Impianti Industriali S.p.A.
Site Ferrara, Italy
Manpower Peak 4
Amount > 300.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - KME Group
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client KME Group
End user KME Group
Site Florence, Italy
Manpower Peak 30
Amount > 4.500.000 €
Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Comune di Noci (BA)
Project Public Lighting System
Client Municipality of Noci (BA)
End user Municipality of Noci (BA)
Manpower Peak 12
Amount > 9.500.000 €
Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Comune di Riccia (CB)
Project Public Lighting System
Client Municipality of Riccia (CB)
End user Municipality of Riccia (CB)
Site Riccia (CB), Italy
Manpower Peak 6
Amount > 750.000 €
Costruzione MEP - Mangimificio Sabbatani
Project MEP Construction - Feed mill Sabbatani
Client Sabbatani Snc
End user Sabbatani Snc
Site Forlì (FC), Italy
Manpower Peak 10
Amount > 550.000 €
MEP Construction - Sprinkler Wet Fire Fighting Plant
Project MEP Construction - Sprinkler Wet Fire fighting plant
Client Snatt logistica S.p.A.
End user Snatt logistica S.p.A.
Site Funo (BO), Italy
Manpower Peak 8
Amount > 300.000 €
Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Comune di Sogliano Cavour (LE)
Project Public Lighting System
Client Municipality of Sogliano Cavour (LE)
End user Municipality of Sogliano Cavour (LE)
Site Sogliano Cavour (LE), Italy
Manpower Peak 4
Amount > 3.000.000 €
Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Unione Lombarda dei Comuni di Basiano e Masate (MI)
Project Public Lighting System
Client Unione Lombarda dei Comuni di Basiano e Masate (MI)
End user Unione Lombarda dei Comuni di Basiano e Masate (MI)
Site Basiano e Masate (MI), Italy
Manpower Peak 6
Amount > 3.000.000 €
Sistema Di Illuminazione Pubblica - Comune di Bruino (TO)
Project Public Lighting System
Client Municipality of Bruino (TO)
End user Municipality of Bruino (TO)
Site Bruino (TO), Italy
Manpower Peak 4
Amount > 3.500.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Elle S.r.l
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Elle S.r.l
End user Elle S.r.l
Site Campegine (RE), Italy
Manpower Peak 6
Amount > 400.000 €
Impianto Fotovoltaico - Log Int 2 Real Estate
Project Photovoltaic Plant
Client Log Int 2 Real Estate
End user Log Int 2 Real Estate
Site Campegine (RE), Italy
Manpower Peak 4
Amount > 150.000 €


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