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Electrical and Instrumentation Installation - Activities

In detail the activities of E&I installation can be summarized as follows:

  • Supply of components/instrumentation
  • Installation/assembly
  • Start-up and delivery of the plant
  • Operator's training
  • Maintenance

The installation activities of the electrical and instrumentation plants, that range from underground cable laying, to the installation and wiring of DCS, are evolving towards a "turnkey" supply that includes also engineering, project management, material supply, plant start-up and Client's technician's training.

SITIE great experience in the management of the relationships with the Clients and Partners has lead to the creation of some Joint-Ventures or specialized branches abroad. With these structures it has been possible to realize projects of large size and complexity with great results.

A significant part of SITIE resources is dedicated to long-term maintenance contracts in petrochemical plants, on-shore and offshore oil and gas plants and energy power plants.
This activity has helped to reach the high level of technical knowledge of SITIE operators, training specialised professionals in the fields of automation and process analysis.