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Electrical and Instrumentation Installation - Quality

SITIE Impianti Industriali Spa Quality management system is certified by RINA Spa in compliance with the International standard ISO 9001 since 1997.
SITIE has always worked to provide its customers with an always more satisfying service and to pursue this result, it applies a continuous improvement of its performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the activities.
This choice is based on the company mission which consists in the exploitation of those realities and resources towards which the company has responsibilities, i.e. customers, employees, society and partners.
This mission can be performed effectively by understanding how the company's progress is related to a simultaneous development of solutions that can bring benefits in terms of efficiency, economy and loyalty to the customer.
In particular SITIE has identified some precise values directly related to its objectives, including the pursuit of total quality in every aspect of the company business, the search for solutions that meet the customer needs, the execution of the working activity with reasonable and responsible behaviour, the understanding of the situation in which it finds itself and its own role within it.

Given these assumption, SITIE commits itself to:

  • Define clear and measurable objectives;
  • Verify periodically the adequacy of its own policy to the objectives identified by the management;
  • Verify the obtained results and promote improving actions;
  • Involve all interested personnel, through an apt training and encouraging any initiative for the quality improvement;
  • Share and communicate to all company levels and outside the company policy and philosophy;
  • Pay constantly attention to the processes, in particular to those that are connected simultaneously to quality, safety and environment.

For the management of its activities, SITIE foresees dedicated structures under the guidance of Project Managers who have the responsibility of managing the processes effectively, getting good technical, economic and quality performance.
Each project has at its base an organizational structure that guarantees specialized skills, adequate information and training, improvement of knowledge and maximum efficiency in the use of human and technical resources.

For the management of the operative activities and in order to ensure the proper assignment of responsibility, SITIE has identified its own processes by dividing them into strategic, core and support processes.
The activities carried out by SITIE are formalized in procedures and work instructions in order to identify the sequences of activities, responsibilities, inputs and outputs and in order to execute the works, meeting the required standards. The continuous monitoring of performance and the pursuit of continuous improvement complete the cycle.

Each activity foresees the appointment of a dedicated function for the quality management which has among its tasks:

  • Promote the quality management of all activities and the continuous improvement of performance;
  • Define objectives and ensure that these are achieved;
  • Prepare and develop the working methods, the Quality and Quality Control Plan with the support of the Quality Manager;
  • Ensure that the specifications, procedures and work instructions for the work to be done are available;
  • Maintain the contacts with the customer, subcontractors and suppliers, as agreed with the Project Manager, with regard to the aspects related to quality management;
  • Ensure that all personnel is adequately trained and motivated and, if necessary, propose training sessions;
  • Manage any possible non-conformities and, if necessary, take appropriate corrective action to avoid recurrence;
  • Oversee all the activities foreseen under the Control Plans;
  • Communicate with the customer's quality department, with the inspectors and the third parties for the issue of certificates or for the confirmation of their validity;
  • Prepare the final dossier in compliance with the procedures required by the customer and the company's standards.

Policy for Quality, Safety, Environment