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Products - Introduction

The latest-generation machines allow the processing of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy sheet and sections.

The special patented side-rail of the cable ladders allows great load-bearing capacity with very limited weight and thickness, which, matched with state of the art coupling accessories, provides a winning combination in terms of final price and installation time.

SITIE production is constituted by:

  • Cable trays,cable ladders and perforated bottom cable trays with rimmed ribs or not;
  • Poles for lighting structures;
  • Supports and fastener;
  • Earthing materials.

Based on the large experience in performing installation works, SITIE engineers have developed a complete range of cable trays and poles, top in class for quality and design characteristics.

Manufactured in the Italian SITIE facilities, these products, besides several standard types held in the warehouse at the Ferrara factory, can be customized upon specific request of the customer.